give and take

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Somewhere around the year 1999, an orbital sander became part of my art supplies.  A professor brought one to class for us to use, and I loved how I could sand back layers of dried paint to start over or partially reveal something underneath.  It seemed like with drawing, that you could easily add and erase, but previous to this, I hadn’t considered painting as a subtractive process.  Around that time, my brother gave me my very own orbital sander, and nearly 20 years later, I’m still using it!  And still enjoying that interplay of what gets revealed and what gets buried.


Here are a couple of pieces I finished in November; the textured areas are a result of painting, scraping, and of course, sanding.  Check out my exhibition calendar for a listing of where to see more of my work!


“Having a Wall in Common”, Linnie Brown, mixed media on panel, 36″ x 36″


“Close in on All Sides”, Linnie Brown, mixed media on panel, 36″ x 36″